My Name is Winau Berkhof

the face of Dutch Racing Press.

Living in Heerlen (The Netherlands) and I was – and still am – an enthusiastic freelance car and motor-sports photographer. This enabled me to provide professional photos to daytime and sports magazines and to use my free time to go to the races.
On this site, you can look at a big collection of photographs i have taken over the past years.
The main function of my site is to be able to share my photos with interested parties and lovers of car races.

Due to my love of all things that have to do with engines, I always had many choices of what could be photographed. The vast majority of the photos is the car-racing from touring cars to Formula 1, however this mainly takes place during a time from 1965 to 1975 that there was, in my opinion, and could not really could be spoken of racing in optima forma. To share these bygone years with the real enthusiast, I want to present a selection of my photos on this website, organized by theme.
The photographic subjects that have my attention are very diverse: sports, people and nature. I photographed these with my Nikon Ftn and Nikkormat and used the Nikon 1.2-55 mm, 2.5-105 mm and 4.5  75-250 mm zoom lens.
All the pictures are taken with an analog camera and digitally converted using the Nikon Super Coolscan 9000. This picture – without additional processing – still remains faithfully preserved in its original recording.

If you have further questions or comments following your visit to my website or if you would like to own one or more of these photos, then you can send me an mailto:

Of course I would like to read what you think of my photos. A message from you is welcome and sincerely appreciated!

All photos are protected by copyright. Without my written permission, they may not be used or copied.



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